Gap Cover

Medical Expense Shortfall Cover

Gap insurance protects you and your family against unexpected medical expense shortfalls when doctors and specialists charge more than what your medical aid pays.

A cost-effective solution to help fund your dentalcare needs.

This innovative dental insurance pays a stated amount for your general dentistry, emergency, accidental and illness related dental treatment costs.

Ensure that your spouse and family never inherit your debts. Assetlife is a credit protection insurance that settles your finance and loan agreements should you pass-away or become permanently disabled. Assetlife, offering you cover at a low monthly premium.

Medical Aid Services

Medical aids can be complicated, but we are here to help – at no extra cost.  We offer advice in selecting the best medical cover for your unique healthcare funding needs, assist with claim management and ensure you get the most from your medical aid.

Cover to ensure that should your medical aid not cover the full costs of the best prescribed cancer fighting drugs, you and your family’s treatment options will not be limited.

Cover that pays out a lump sum for injury caused by a motor vehicle accident. It also includes a subscription to RoadCover that assists with Road Accident Fund claims.


Cover all your personal loan agreements with a single policy and save by cutting out duplicate costs. Should you pass away or become permanently disabled we’ll settle your outstanding loan balances and the amounts that you have already paid off will be paid out to you or your beneficiaries.