24 October 2023

Families are made up of a mix of different people and you might be wondering which dependents are covered under a Zestlife Gap Cover policy.

gap cover dependents

Zestlife Gap Cover is available in different cover levels and family options. Your policy type determines who is covered.

Cover for Individuals Without Dependents

Zestlife offers 3 cover options for individuals without dependents : Universal, Essential and more recently Optimal Gap Cover.

Universal Gap cover offers the most comprehensive medical expense shortfall cover. It has extensive financial protections against a wide range of health risks. Essential Gap Cover offers affordable cover for the most frequent medical expense shortfalls. It has additional financial protection for selected health risks.

Optimal Gap Cover is tailor-made for singles younger than 35 who don’t have any medical aid dependents. Join this option before you turn 35 and still enjoy the Optimal premium and benefits after your 35th birthday.

If your circumstances change, for instance, if you get married or have children, and you would like to add them to your Zestlife Gap Cover policy, you can notify Zestlife, and they will assist you in changing to a suitable family option.

Cover for Families With Dependents

Universal and Essential family cover is for the main medical aid member, spouse and family dependents including adult dependents, on the same medical aid. The policyholder’s spouse and mutual children registered as dependents on the spouse’s medical aid also receive coverage under the family policy.

Is There a Maximum Entry Age?

There is no maximum entry age on the Universal and Essential options. For Optimal Gap Cover the maximum entry age is 34.

Things to keep in mind

  • You need to inform Zestlife which spouse needs to be covered if you have more than one spouse before submitting any claims, as only one spouse will be covered.
  • If the main policy holder passes away, the surviving spouse, has 90 days to inform us if they would like to continue with the cover.
  • If you they covered under your medical aid membership, the family options cover unmarried partners.

Review your medical aid and gap cover policy to ensure you cover all your loved ones.


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