Cover all your personal loan agreements with a single policy and save by cutting out duplicate costs.

What is Assetlife Switch & Save?

Assetlife Switch & Save is an insurance policy that can cover all your personal loan agreements. We save you money every month for the remaining period of your personal loan repayments.

How do we save you money?

We do this very simply. On each of your personal loans you may have credit life insurance. You are paying for this cover as part of your monthly loan repayments.

With your permission we will look at:

  • Your monthly premiums that are being paid to your loan providers.
  • The terms and conditions of these credit life policies, and;
  • The amounts of cover these credit life policies are providing you.

We will then provide you with an obligation free quote to cover all your credit life policies under a single Assetlife Switch & Save policy. This will illustrate how much you can save every month.

Assetlife Switch & Save benefits

There are no costs to you, just savings.

If you decide to switch your policies to Assetlife Switch & Save there are no charges or additional fees to do so.

You won’t go through any new waiting periods and all your existing policy terms will either be matched or better. Should we not be able to provide the same or better benefits, we will clearly stipulate this for you to make an objective choice.

Please download the brochure for more information and to view all the policy terms and conditions.

But wait, there’s more

Your current credit life policies only provide a total cover amount that is equal to the outstanding balances of your personal loans. In the event of your death or permanent disability, this pay out goes directly to your loan providers.

With Assetlife Switch & Save, we cover the outstanding balances of all your loan agreements at the start date of the policy. This total cover amount will remain constant for the term of your policy. In the event of your death or permanent disability we’ll settle the outstanding balances with your personal loan providers and the combined amounts that you have already paid off will be paid out to you or a beneficiary of your choice.

Assetlife Switch & Save

You really have nothing to lose

Please contact us, our dedicated team is waiting to deliver on our undertaking to save you money.