25 January 2023

medical aid for young individuals

Finding the right medical aid or gap cover option as a young individual, just starting out in the workplace, or coming off of a parent’s insurance policies can be daunting.

In South Africa we have many medical aid options for different medical needs. Thus, an array of choices is provided however, makes it incredibly difficult to decide exactly which option would be most suitable.

That is why we have identified 3 top medical aid options for single individuals under the age of 35 and more importantly Zestlife developed a gap cover option to go with it (click here to read more 😉).


Medical Aid Options for Young Professionals

1. Bonitas BonStart

This option offers the best value for money for young healthy individuals. Additionally, the BonStart option includes traditional in and out-of-hospital benefits and access to a well-established network of healthcare providers and hospital networks, all covered at 100% of medical scheme rates.

*R1338 per month.

2. Discovery Essential Smart

The Essential Smart Plan is an affordable network plan offering 100% of cover for both in and out-of-hospital benefits, provided you use the Discovery Smart network of healthcare providers and hospitals. Furthermore, Discovery is the largest open medical aid accountable for over 31% in the total industry. With all their integrated value offerings it is an ideal option for young healthy individuals.

*R1600 per month.

3. Bestmed Beat1Network

This hospital plan covers you at 100% of medical scheme rates and has an established network of specialists to use in order to minimise out-of-pocket expenses during hospitalisation. Beat1Network offers affordable private healthcare without any admission fees.

*R1710 per month.


Medical Aid Options for Students

1. Medihelp MedElect

Whether you are studying part time or full time Medihelp MedElect plan offers students access to high quality private healthcare benefits at affordable premiums. This is achieved through wide network-based healthcare providers and hospital networks at 100% of medical scheme rates.  The MedElect plan includes traditional structured benefits that covers a comprehensive range of different out-of-hospital benefits.

*R756 per month.

2. Momentum Ingwe

Momentum Ingwe offers access to network based primary healthcare cover and hospital networks covered at 100% of medical scheme rates.  This low-cost network-based plan is available to local and international students.

*R482 per month.

Contact one of our healthcare specialists today to receive advice and a personalised quote. Our consultants have many years of experience in the medical aid industry and will assist you every step of the way.

Click here to contact HealthMax Medical Aid Advisory.

Click here to also read our following blog where we discuss what happens when your medical aid does not cover specialist treatment costs in full and how gap cover helps to solve this problem.


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