Dealing with the death of a team member – advice for business owners and managers

This article recognises the impact that a co-worker´s death will have on employees and offers a guide to sensitively dealing with employee needs as the first steps in helping the organisation to “heal” quickly.

3 Ways for SME’s to attract and retain the best employees

Business success requires great employees.
To compete with large corporates small and medium size business owners need to create a healthy work environment and provide a benefits package to attract and retain the best talent.
Here are the 3 benefits that appear to have the biggest impact and how you can use them to build a talented and effective team.

Individual Acts Build Trust

Delivering what is promised in exchange for the agreed premium should never be seen as great service and therefore by itself is unlikely to build policyholder loyalty. Trust and confidence in the insurer’s people is what builds reputation and is ultimately the driver of long term loyalty. Great insurers have built reputations not by what they say but rather what they do.

Gap Cover is here to stay

A National Treasury media release on the progress that has taken place in drafting the Demarcation Regulations on health insurance and medical schemes, contains very good news for Gap Cover policyholders. These regulations look set to recognise the legitimate right to cover the financial exposure to medical treatment costs that are not covered by medical schemes.