Comprehensive Accident Protection

What is Comprehensive Accident Protection?

The Comprehensive Accident Protection policy covers you and your family in the event of accidental death.

The Comprehensive Accident Protector has three main benefits:
– a R133 000 payment in the event of personal injury caused by a motor vehicle accident for both the main member and for each immediate family member. This cover includes injury as a passenger of a private vehicle, bus or taxi, a pedestrian, driver or cyclist.

– a lifestyle protector payment should the breadwinner in the family pass away as a result of an accident. The payment amounts are decided by the policyholder ranging between R133 000 and R2 649 000.

– a subscription to RoadCover for the duration of the policy. The RoadCover subscription manages your claims with the Road Accident Fund from start to finish, allowing you to be compensated in full, at no extra legal cost to yourself.

The benefit for personal injury will be paid subject to the condition that, as a result of your injuries, you are admitted to hospital as an in-patient not later than 24 hours after the accident and that you remain in hospital for 3 consecutive nights.

Why do I need Comprehensive Accident Protection?

There are over 500 000 accidents on our roads annually which represents a significant risk to all road users.

The Comprehensive Accident Protector unfortunately cannot reduce the risks you and your family face but it does provide prompt and substantial protection against the financial consequences becoming a road accident victim.

How much does it cost?

Road accident injury payment for principle insured and immediate family Accidental death payment for principle member only Monthly premium
R133 000 R147.00
R133 000 R133 000 R188.00
R133 000 R332 000 R223.00
R133 000 R664 000 R266.00
R133 000 R1 330 000 R307.00
R133 000 R2 649 000 R406.00

Frequently Asked Questions

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