Replace your multiple funeral cover policies with a single policy.

Maintain your level of cover but enjoy a significantly lower premium.

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Replace your existing funeral cover and SAVE UP TO 50% on your premiums

The Consolidator Funeral Plan (CFP) is designed to deliver significant monthly premium savings when replacing your one, two or more existing funeral policies.  CFP provides you with the convenience of only paying, communicating and claiming from a single insurer. The CFP will match the combined lump sum amounts of your existing cover in a single policy.  Through this process we have succeeded in saving our customers an average of 30% – 50% on their monthly premiums.

Why is Consolidator Funeral Plan cheaper than other funeral cover?

Most other funeral cover providers charge the same premium to all customers for a set choice of cover amounts.  These premiums don’t take into account the age and lifestyle profile of each customer. This one-size-fits-all approach often results in customers who are young (less than 55 years of age) and healthy paying more than they should.

We work out a more accurate premium for each of our customers based on their unique profile. To do this we ask our customers some basic information about themselves and their health when preparing a quote.

For customers who are healthy and younger than 55 individual premium pricing can produce significant premium savings compared to the cost of their existing cover.

We have also cut out unnecessary sales and marketing costs as these ultimately lead to higher customer premiums.  Accordingly, we avoid employing external brokers and costly advertising.

Real-life example

Let’s look at a real life example to illustrate the savings that can be created. Makhosini* is a 40 year old who works in construction. He is married to Zinhle* who is also 40 years old and they have 4 children. If he replaces his 3 existing funeral cover policies (Policy A, Policy B and Policy C) with a single Consolidator Funeral Plan he can save R625 per month, while still enjoying the same levels of cover for himself, his wife, children and parents as provided under his 3 current policies.

Multiple Existing Funeral Cover Policies Single Consolidator Funeral Policy Monthly Premiums
Policy A:
Lives Covered Cover Amount
Makhosini R50 000
Spouse R50 000
4 Children R10 000
Makhosini’s Parents R20 000
Monthly Premium R353
Policy B: Monthly
Lives Covered Cover Amount Lives Covered Cover Amount
Makhosini R20 000 Makhosini R90 000
Spouse R20 000 Spouse R90 000
4 Children R10 000 4 Children R30 000
Makhosini’s Parents R10 000 Makhosini’s Parents R50 000
Monthly Premium R309 Monthly Premium R407
Policy C:
Lives Covered Cover Amount
Makhosini R20 000
Spouse R20 000
4 Children R10 000
Makhosini’s Parents R20 000
Monthly Premium R370
Total Monthly Premium R1,032 Total Monthly Premium R407 Total Monthly Savings R625

* These are not the real names of the policyholder but the information contained in the table is an extract from a real case.

Who is covered?

The Consolidator Funeral Plan matches the combined lump sum cover amounts of our customers’ existing polices and these benefits will cover:

  • Up to R500 000 lump sum cash benefit for the main member
  • Up to R200 000 lump sum cash benefit for spouse;
  • Covers main members’ children, parents, parents in-law and extended family;
  • Without medical tests.

Convenient policy replacement at no charge

Please refer to our brochure for full details and contact us for further information and advice on how we can save you money.

You will be assigned a dedicated funeral consolidation agent to assist you every step of the way.


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