Dental Gap Cover

The high cost of dentistry prevents most medical aid options from covering their members’ dental treatment costs in full. In some instances, no dental care cover is provided at all. In the absence of full day-to-day, emergency and accidental dentistry benefits medical aid members carry these costs personally.

Dental Gap Cover provides a solution for medical aid members to fund their dentistry treatment costs. This health insurance policy pays out a stated Rand amount for a comprehensive range of day-to-day, emergency, accidental and illness related dentistry treatments.

The table below contains the dental claim events that are covered and the benefit amounts covered. The last column lists the waiting periods that will apply from the date of taking out this cover, after which the policyholder can claim the stated benefit.

Benefits and amounts covered

Dental Gap Cover Benefits

Monthly premiums

Dental Gap Cover Premiums

*Premiums are valid for 2021 and are subject to change on 1 Jan 2022.

Please note that Dental Gap Cover is not a medical aid or a substitute for medical aid cover. Dental Gap Cover is a top-up health insurance policy that provides cover for fixed benefit amounts that arise when requiring dental treatment.

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