Medical Aid Services

HealthMax is a division of Zestlife that provides medical aid advisory and claim management services that will ensure you get the most from your medical aid.

What is HealthMax Medical Aid Services?

Medical aids can be complicated, but our deep understanding of the benefit structures and rules of each scheme enables us to advise you on your current medical aid or assist you in selecting the most cost-effective cover to match your unique healthcare funding needs. Combined with our legal and regulatory expertise, we will also be able to assist you in receiving prompt medical aid claim settlement and dispute resolution.

We are appointed to provide advice on all the major South African medical schemes and will ensure you get the cover that best suits your healthcare funding needs and pocket.

Best of all, the full range of HealthMax Medical Aid Services is available to you at no extra cost.

You will have access to a team of dedicated healthcare specialists with extensive knowledge about your medical aid and health requirements. Here are just some of the ways they can assist you in getting the most from your medical aid:

Advice and Support

  • Ongoing needs analysis to ensure you are covered by the medical aid option that most cost-effectively matches your unique healthcare funding needs.
  • Advice on ways to maximise the healthcare funding and benefits you receive from your medical aid.
  • Support and assistance in maintaining your medical aid membership e.g. dependent registrations and deregistrations.
  • Assistance with understanding your annual option changes and any industry changes that occur.

Claim Management and Dispute Resolution

  • Claims support and intervention with the scheme on your behalf on submitted claims.
  • Guidance on the utilisation of PMB entitled claims.
  • Disputed claims management.

Chronic Medication Benefit Utilisation

  • Guidance and assistance on chronic registration processes.
  • Communicate rules and guidelines related to obtaining your medication and ongoing treatment of your condition.

Zestlife Gap Cover Claim Support

  • Efficient processing of your gap cover claims by assistance in obtaining some supporting documentation directly from your medical aid.

Medical Aid Comparison Tool

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