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Gap Cover is here to stay

This week’s National Treasury media release on the progress that has taken place in drafting the Demarcation Regulations on health insurance and medical schemes, contains very good news for Gap Cover policyholders. These regulations look set to recognise the legitimate right to cover the financial exposure to medical treatment costs that are not covered by medical schemes. Continue reading Gap Cover is here to stay

The pencil, the boy and the cokes

An eight year old boy is sent home with a note from his teacher reporting the fact that he stole a pencil from a classmate. That evening the boy gets a stern talking to from his father, who lectures him on the importance of honesty and how he should never abuse the trust that others place in him. Finally in an attempt to understand the boy’s motives and to prevent it from happening again the exasperated father asks his son, “why would you ever steal a pencil when you know that I can bring you 10 home from work?” Continue reading The pencil, the boy and the cokes