Road Accident Cover

What is Road Accident Cover?

This cost effective insurance pays R153 000 to the policyholder in the event of injury to the policyholder or a member of the policyholder’s immediate family.

The benefit is payable subject to injury occurring as a result of a motor vehicle accident where the injured was a pedestrian, cyclist, passenger or driver on a public road in South Africa, where the injuries sustained result in hospital admission as an in-patient within 24 hours of the accident and thereafter remaining in hospital for 5 or more consecutive nights.

This policy also includes a subscription to RoadCover for the duration of the policy. RoadCover provides victims of motor vehicle accidents a service offering that prepares, submits and manages their claims with the Road Accident Fund from start to finish, allowing members to be compensated in full, at no cost to themselves.

Why do I need Road Accident Cover?

With over 500 000 reported road accidents per year in South Africa, the risk of injury on our roads is significant.

As a pedestrian, cyclist, passenger or driver we cannot reduce your risks of road usage but the Road Accident Family Protection Plan can protect you against the financial consequences of becoming a road accident victim.

How much does it cost?

R138.00 per month provides cover to you and your immediate family.
*Premiums are valid for 2020. Prices to increase 1 Feb 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

The policy is underwritten by Guardrisk Life Limited. FSP 76.

There are no medicals required when applying for this policy and cover is immediately available.

The benefit amount is R153 000 per individual. This benefit is payable on the lives of the insured and their immediate family injured in a motor vehicle accident.

The maximum benefit payable is R535 000 in aggregate in any 12 month period for you and your immediate family.

You can claim if you or a member of your immediate family suffers bodily injury caused in a motor vehicle accident on a public road in the Republic of South Africa. You have to be admitted to hospital as an in-patient not later than 24 hours after the accident and remain in hospital as an in-patient for 5 consecutive nights.

The policy does have general exclusions e.g. claims resulting from driving under the influence of alcohol, suicide, participation in acts of war or crime etc. Al full list of these exclusions can be found in the policy document.

There are no waiting periods for this policy.

The first premium will be debited on a day of your choice.

Yes. The premium amount will be reviewed on 1 February each year and you will be notified of any premium increase on 1 (one) months notice.

Yes. The benefit amount will be reviewed on 1 February each year in accordance with the annual increase in the Consumer Price Index.

Within 6 months of a hospital admission giving rise to a claim you need to submit a claim. This can be done by contacting Zestlife who will advise you of the documents that will have to be completed in submitting a claim. You are however encouraged to submit a claim as soon as possible after the event.

RoadCover gives victims of motor vehicle accidents immediate access to an effective Road Accident Fund (RAF) claims management system with NO costs to themselves. This service offering manages your claim with the RAF from start to finish, allowing its members, who become motor vehicle accident victims, to be compensated by the RAF in full.

Phone RoadCover (0860 RCOVER/726837) during office hours (8:30 to 16:30) and give the particulars of your case.

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