Cover that pays out a lump sum for injury caused by a motor vehicle accident. It also includes a subscription to RoadCover that assists with Road Accident Fund claims.

Monthly Premiums

Cover Option Premium
Cover for you and your immediate family R170 pm

* Premiums are valid for 2024. Prices to increase 1 Feb 2025.

What is Road Accident Cover?

This cost-effective insurance pays R188 000 to the policyholder in the event of injury to the policyholder or a member of the policyholder’s immediate family.

The benefit is payable subject to an injury occurring as a result of a motor vehicle accident where the injured was a pedestrian, cyclist, passenger or driver on a public road in South Africa. Furthermore, the injuries must require hospital admission within 24 hours of the accident and necessitate a hospital stay of 5 or more consecutive nights.

Additionally, this policy also includes a subscription to RoadCover for the duration of the policy.

RoadCover provides victims of motor vehicle accidents a service offering that prepares, submits and manages their claims with the Road Accident Fund from start to finish. As a result, members can receive compensation without incurring any costs.

Why do I need this cover?

With over 500 000 reported road accidents per year in South Africa, it is evident that the risk of injury on our roads is significant.

While we cannot directly reduce the risks associated with road usage, this plan can provide you with financial protection against the potential consequences of becoming a road accident victim.

Who can apply?

To take out this cover you must be a resident of South Africa. Additionally, you should not be older than 70 years of age at the start date of the policy. There is no expiry age for cover under this policy.

Please view our brochure for more information.


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