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7 Reasons to GAP it with Zestlife

  1. Simple product, cover is immediate – low hassle factor
  2. Form of annuity streaming for your business
    • Earn 20% ongoing each month (accredited)
    • Sign up as a representative (non-accredited)
    • Simply refer clients to earn a fee – our trained agents close for you
  3. Excellent administration – straight into workflow and quick claims payout
  4. Product attaches to any medical aid
  5. Great advantages for groups
  6. Best of breed product
    • Approved by the constitutional court
    • Bulk of the South African current gap market chooses this product
  7. Huge market potential of 3 million clients – only 180 000 GAP policies to-date in South Africa
  8. Distinguishing features of Zestlife Medical Gap Cover

    • This is the only Medical Gap product that has been constitutionally approved
    • Zestlife will pay the difference between what the medical practitioner charges and and the amount payable by the medical scheme – up to a maximum of four times the Admed tariff. The product can be attached to ANY medical aid scheme – closed or open
    • Co-payment cover of R10 000 per family per annum for hospital co-payments
    • Cancer benefit amount of R10 000 payable on diagnosis of cancer
    • Excellent administration – policy document is with a client in 48 hours and current average claims payout period is 15 days
    • No ‘pre-existing conditions’ exclusion
    • 3 month general waiting period – and a further waiting period on 10 specific, elective, procedures
    • All adult dependents are covered
    • No maximum entry age
    • Dentistry and an extensive list of out-of-hospital procedures are covered
    • A personal accident benefit up to R25 000 is included for the principal member – at no extra cost . Includes emergency services and medico legal assistance
    • Significant premium and benefit advantages for groups (compulsory and voluntary)
    • On the principal’s death, the widow or widower of the deceased has an option to continue cover
    • The maximum amounts of cover available, per annum, are:
      R 200 000 per individual
      R 2 million per family

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    How to make this vital cover part of your portfolio

    (The good news is you don’t need to write an exam!)

    If you are accredited for short-term products (personal lines) we can provide you with a broker agreement – you just need to complete and sign our IFA agreement.

    If you are not accredited for short-term products personal lines , you have two options:

    • We can offer you a supervisory arrangement- You complete and sign the Zestlife Supervisory agreement and become a representative of Zestlife on the product. (You earn 20% commission, paid as an annuity)
    • We can accept referrals and close the sale on your behalf through our trained call centre. (You earn a once off referral fee per policy sold)

    (To refer: e-mail